Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

Our Office Number:
01606 331 853

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User Stories

Sarah* previously managed the direct payment funding for her son.  This became overwhelming and Sarah was referred to the Supported Banking Service to set
Reason for attending: Khloe has attended the Buzz group since January 2020 as a means of making friends.  Khloe attends mainstream school (3 days
Brother and sister Rex and Rosie (11 and 13yrs) both have SEN.  Rex (11) has no friendship groups and struggles in social situations.  He
“It’s not all about the Care, it’s about our Family” Jason is a young disabled man who lives with his parents.  They were a
Our Advocacy Team were approached by a different local authority, requesting independent advocacy support for a young care leaver over the age of18+ who
Brenda lived in a place where she wasn’t happy and it affected her mental health and wellbeing, she eventually got her own home and
Andrew* – 61 was referred to Disability Positive in December 2021 by his Social Worker for help and support in setting up a Direct
Samantha’s* son Jack* lacks confidence and self esteem which prevents him from joining groups or accessing any other type of activities, particularly without his
Advocacy – Linda’s Story Earlier this year, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic Linda* wanted to see her Dad who was at the
Arthur’s case We received a referral via the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for a Personal Health Budget for Arthur*. Following a road accident several
Meet Miles Miles* is 6 year-old boy with very few opportunities to access leisure services outside the family home. He is completely reliant on
Barry* employed a team of 11 Personal Assistants. He was unable to show them what to do and wasn’t sure that he had expressed

We’re excited to announce that our Good Company Social Group has been chosen to be part of the Co-op Local Community Fund for the next 12 months.