Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

Our Office Number:
01606 331 853

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Get access to learning and development opportunities

If you manage your own care and employ a Personal Assistant, it can seem difficult to make sure they know what they need to do for you, and that you know what you need to do for them.

To help, we can offer you and your PA free, independent and personalised learning and development and training to help you get the most from your care.

We can provide training for you and your personal assistant in your home or online learning and training (sometimes called distance learning or e-learning).

Training for Personal Assistants (PAs)

We offer training for PAs in:

  • Moving and Assisting
  • First Aid
  • Food Safety
  • Medication Awareness
  • Training on conditions and different needs

Pre-employment Training dates and details:
9th March 2023 – https://rb.gy/kk9p6r
21st March 2023 – https://rb.gy/utt2w2

Learning for you as an employer

To help you to make sure you meet your responsibilities as an employer, we can offer training in:

  • The role of an employer and employment law
  • Management
  • Boundaries and expectations 

Good Employer Training:
15th May 2023 (9.30am- 4.30pm) https://rb.gy/agqmcp
11th September 2023 (9.30am- 4.30pm) https://rb.gy/zi51hz
15th January 2024 (9.30am – 4.30pm) https://rb.gy/oihlvb


Disability Equality Training

If you are looking for comprehensive and competitive Disability Equality training, for your organisation we can help.

Personal Assistants

Access useful training to help disabled people


Understand your responsibilities as an employer and access leadership training

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