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Our Office Number:
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Advocacy – Helen’s Story

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Our Advocacy Team were approached by a different local authority, requesting independent advocacy support for a young care leaver over the age of18+ who had recently become a single mum.

She had been moved from her own support network to an unfamiliar location, to be placed in a mother and baby foster placement whilst Helen’s parenting abilities were assessed.

What Advocacy did to help
The advocate met with Helen and listened to her views of issues/barriers she had struggled with during this placement.  Having mild learning difficulties, it soon became clear that Helen’s own needs had not been taken into consideration.  The advocate was able to speak to professionals involved and supported Helen to attend a court hearing.  The advocate highlighted Helen’s needs and switched the focus within the legal team to look at what Helen could do, rather than what she was unable to do.

This helped the outcome from the judge, agreeing that steps needed to be put in place to give Helen a fair chance of achieving outcomes set by the Children’s Team.

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