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Buzz Group – Khloe’s Story

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Reason for attending:
Khloe has attended the Buzz group since January 2020 as a means of making friends.  Khloe attends mainstream school (3 days a week) and has struggled to form friendships as her developmental and emotional needs differ to that of her peers of the same age group.

Khloe lives at home with her adoptive mother and father.  Both parents work from home and Khloe does struggle with some separation anxiety when away from mum.  Khloe’s parents are looking for her to attend a specialist school post-11 years old.

This year has been rather turbulent for Khloe.  The constant changes of being home-schooled, to then attending school and subsequently being put into isolation due to a Covid outbreak has disrupted her home/school life and not provided her with a consistent schedule.  Mum has also struggled with home schooling as due to Khloe’s attention span, she is expected to sit with Khloe during the day on Zoom classes, whilst also trying to maintain her business from home.  Khloe has become socially isolated being at home, which has amplified her separation anxiety from mum.

What we did:
The Buzz Group staff team have checked in with mum when Khloe has been put in isolation to determine how the family are managing the situation and to offer any support.  As Khloe has issues with her long-term memory, it is also a good opportunity to talk to her and ensure that we are maintaining a relationship with her as a staff team and group.  Khloe keeps a photo album to assist with her memory, and the group regularly share pictures of events Khloe has attended, with Mum, so they can go into her photo album.

Though Khloe has not engaged in any of the Zoom sessions offered, she has attended weekend and half-term activities which have enabled her to spend time with friends.  Khloe does get anxious before attending activities but tends to settle as soon as she meets with her friends from Buzz. 🙂

During our half-term activity sessions, groups from different areas have combined into small groups/bubbles for offsite activities.  This has allowed members from those groups to socialise with children that they may not otherwise meet.  For Khloe this has had a great impact, as she has now formed a friendship group with a member from Neston and Ellesmere Port, whom she may not otherwise have met.  The children regularly ask about each other and the parents of these young people have also become good friends; which has in turn provided them with a support network.

What the parents said:
‘We have really appreciated your support this year, thank you’

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