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Our Office Number:
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Learning Service – Barry’s story

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Barry* employed a team of 11 Personal Assistants. He was unable to show them what to do and wasn’t sure that he had expressed his needs clearly. Barry didn’t feel confident in his role as an employer. Some of his PAs said they were scared to move him for fear of injuring him or themselves which made Barry concerned that they wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency situation. As a result, he decided to use our Learning Service to improve their skills.

What did we do to help?
The Learning Service were able to offer training in his own home to help his PAs to move and assist him correctly. The trainer used Barry’s own equipment to demonstrate and was able to suggest alternative aids to make supporting Barry easier. Barry was fully involved in this session and said that being able to have the training delivered in his own home was invaluable.

We also provided Barry and his team with Emergency First Aid training and Barry did employer training with us, covering a range of topics.

Barry says:
Barry says he now feels more comfortable communicating his needs with his staff, as a manager. He says that this is the longest he has kept a stable team and now feels that his team of PAs are fully equipped and confident in their role.

*not real name

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