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Arrangement of Care and Support – Arthur’s story

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Arthur’s case

We received a referral via the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for a Personal Health Budget for Arthur*. Following a road accident several years ago, Arthur has an acquired spinal cord injury. After a recent admission to hospital, his discharge was delayed due to staff being unable to find a suitable home care package for him. Arthur’s family refused traditional agency care due to previous bad experiences.

The hospital advised Arthur’s wife that it would be impossible for him to return home without suitable care arrangements, even though she had one Personal Assistant in mind to employ.

What did we do to help?

Disability Positive organised for a Care and Support Service advisor to visit the family. At first, the conversation was difficult. The family didn’t want to hear any more ‘empty promises’. The advisor listened and addressed each issue the family was facing, including managing the budget, paying staff, managing a rota, training, and finding the right people for the job.

The advisor helped arrange adverts for a Personal Assistant, supported the family to apply for a managed bank account and payroll service, and provided information to support the family through the recruitment process.

The family recruited a Head Personal Assistant to manage rotas, training and time sheets. NHS funding allowed Arthur’s wife to bring her husband home and care for him the way she wanted to. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing. During the training period they used an agency that promised the world and delivered very little.

What life is like now

A team of Personal Assistants are now in place to provide the level and quality of care Arthur needs. He and his family are very happy with the standard of care and the open communication they have with their advisor. The care package works out a third cheaper, which is an added bonus for the family.

A message from Arthur’s wife

“With the Care and Support advisor urging me on, I now have four Personal Assistant’s on board and recruiting another to take us to the full quota of staff we need. The Arrangement of Care and Support service backing gave me the confidence I needed to do this, and I’ve even stopped using the agency, to the complete joy of all.

My Disability Positive Care and Support advisor is my ‘go-to’ when I’m unsure or need help or advice. Without their help I don’t know what would have happened to my husband. With my advisor’s help and support, I have a great team who all work together and give my husband gold standard care.”

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