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Northwich Railway Station inaccessible – We meet with Mike Amesbury.

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Our Chief Executive Officer Lynne Turnbull and Care & Support Service Advisor Ronan Willis, recently met with MP Mike Amesbury to discuss the lack of access to Northwich Railway Station.

Anyone living with a disability or long term health condition who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids cannot reach the far platform. Also noted was the scaffolding blocking the accessible parking bays, ticket machines out-of-order and poor signage.

Lynne, who identifies as a disabled person, said:
“Imagine how difficult it is when things don’t go smoothly, such as the knock-on effect of trains being cancelled, negotiating an overcrowded carriage, struggling with accessing the information you need, or coming up against an unexpected physical obstacle. I’m pleased to be working with Mike as it’s important disabled people are able to access the same opportunities as everyone else, to move us closer towards our vision of a world that is ‘Disability Positive’.”

Mike (MP for Weaver Vale) continues to lobby the Government over the need to make Northwich station fully accessible, he also feels there has been a missed opportunity to make the appropriate changes when the rebuild began following a partial collapse to the station in May 2021. Mike said:
“It’s unacceptable, disabled people continue to face unnecessary barriers when travelling from A to B.

Click here to read the full article by Northwich Guardian.

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