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Celebrating Our Wonderful Volunteers

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It’s Volunteer Week (1st – 7th June) and we want to show you what some of our amazing volunteers have to say about their volunteering roles.

“I volunteer at the Good Company group for disabled adults. We do different activities each week and meet socially. Recently, we have played adventure golf, made (and eaten!) a giant apple crumble and been to a club night. I help to set up the activities, make refreshments, chat to the members and to tidy up afterwards. I really enjoy helping other people and we have lots of fun together, as well as learning new skills”.

“To me, being a volunteer means giving back to a community that has given so much to me. It means being able to say I’m proud of what I do, It means being able to support young people the way I’d wish to be cared for. My colleagues have been beyond supportive and I always look forward to working with them. All the young people I work with are friendly and kind; it means the world to be able to support them in what they love doing”.

“I volunteer at Disability Positive. I’ve always enjoyed doing work for a charity, and this one especially caught my eye as I personally have lived experience with a long term health condition. The staff and other volunteers I’ve found great to work with. It’s very team focused and supportive of one another. New volunteers will never feel out of place. The online training is very good, which helped me to settle in to my role quickly.

All volunteers are supported by the Volunteer co-ordinator who checks up on the volunteers to make sure they’re happy in their new role and if there is any further training or support they may need. This support has enhanced my enjoyment in my role. There are always supervision’s and attending team meetings available for volunteers, if they choose to attend, that help give a better insight into the work the team do. And finally volunteering for Disability Positive is a great way of seeing how your work is helping service users in the community enhance their independence through using the service. I started volunteering after leaving full time employment.  I spent 23 years volunteering for a disability charity in Lancashire.  After moving back to Cheshire in 2021 I looked for more opportunities and became  a volunteer at Disability Positive on 1 Dec 2021.

Being a volunteer gives me a feeling that I am helping and doing something useful whilst using the skills I have and keeping my brain working. I feel part of a team who are lovely to work with, I know that if needed help it is always there in the form of others in the office who will provide any support I require.

For anyone considering trying volunteering I can only suggest you give it a go.  It certainly helps with myself confidence and self esteem”.

If you would like to learn more, or see what volunteer roles we are looking to fill, please click here

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