Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

Our Office Number:
01606 331 853

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Volunteers Week – 1-7 June 2020

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This week is Volunteers Week and we would like to say how much we, as an organisation and our clients, would be lost without you!… Many of our services simply wouldn’t exist without your support!  🙏

Volunteers are a key ingredient to any organisation, but we want to thank each and everyone of you for all of the hours of work, support and camaraderie you give freely to us, we are genuinely thankful.

During the lock-down we also had volunteers who asked to help with delivery of PPE equipment… your kindness and dedication knows no bounds – THANK YOU

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We’re excited to announce that our Good Company Social Group has been chosen to be part of the Co-op Local Community Fund for the next 12 months.