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Our Office Number:
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From 15/6/2020 it is Mandatory to wear Face Covering/Masks on all Public Transport – with exemptions…

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Passengers who don’t follow the new rules on face coverings will not be allowed to travel on public transport.

It remains clear that people should continue to avoid taking public transport (bus, taxi, aeroplane, ferry etc) where possible. By mandating the wearing of face coverings, the UK government is asking passengers to play their part in helping to protect each other as the numbers of people travelling gradually rises across the Britain the careful easing of restrictions when it’s safe to do so.

There are however some exemptions. You do not have to wear coverings/masks:
* If you are disabled
* If you have certain health condition
* If you have a respiratory condition
* Children under 11

Please feel free to download, screenshot, and/or use the images to show the driver of any public transport courtesy of First Group.
Government website link here with full details.

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