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Covid19 – Government Clarifies Guidance on Exercise for Autistic People and People with Learning Disabilities.

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The National Autistic Society have worked with the UK Government to relax exercise restrictions for autistic people, and people with a learning disability.

The rules originally said that no-one could leave their home for exercise more than once a day, and they had to stay close to home. The National Autistic Society told the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that going outside for exercise is very important to the health and wellbeing of many children and adults on the autism spectrum.

People got in touch to tell them that they were worried about this. Some said they had been stopped by the police for going out with carers, or judged by members of the public for going out too often. They shared these experiences with the Government, along with other charities and campaigners, resulting in the Government updating their guidance.

UK Government Guidance on exercise during Covid19 pandemic.
National Autistic Society’s work to change guidance.

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