Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

Our Office Number:
01606 331 853

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We, along with other user led organisations and people living with disability and long term health conditions – are calling on the government to
Why the Human Rights Act Matters… for achieving a world that is Disability Positive The Human Rights Act is important in making sure that
Over 60% [edit: 70% 2023] of our workforce here at Disability Positive have lived experience of disability and long-term health conditions, and I am
As we reflect on the past year we think of the volunteers that have supported us. At this time last year we were in
By Lindsey Walton-Hardy, Head of Services Lots of our members and customers employ a personal assistant, to support them to live independently.  But do
There are a lot of untruths out there about employing people with a disability

We’re excited to announce that our Good Company Social Group has been chosen to be part of the Co-op Local Community Fund for the next 12 months.