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Our Office Number:
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Social Care Staffing Crisis – Have your voice heard!

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We, along with other user led organisations and people living with disability and long term health conditions – are calling on the government to express our concern about the fact that there is a current crisis in staffing levels in social care (carers/PAs). This is affecting all areas including care homes, care agencies and directly employed Personal Assistants. We are asking you to help by having your say and writing to your MP. There are over 105,000 job vacancies at this time.  
The situation has developed quickly following the end of the Brexit transition period, which has made the problem worse. It is also clear that in some cases the shortage of staff is due to low wage levels particularly in rural areas.  

Too many disabled people are now being offered re-institutionalisation as an alternative to the right to live independently in the community due to the shortage of social care staff. This really is not acceptable and the government must take urgent action to avoid this happening in line with their UNCRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) commitments.

If you wish to write to your MP, we have provided you with a template letter if you wish to use it, please download from here.

If you are not sure who your local MP is, you can find them here. 

Alternatively, you can email policy@disabilitypositive.org and tell us what you would like to see social care look like and your experience of social care.

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