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Our Office Number:
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Disabled people’s led organisations challenge government record – Covid-19

Published on:

27th July 2020

Disabled people’s led organisations from across England, including Disability Positive, have written to the Prime Minister highlighting the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis on the lives of disabled people.

Two thirds of all deaths so far have been disabled people. Disabled people have experienced challenges in accessing health and social care, problems in buying food, digital exclusion and deterioration of mental health.

The letter calls on government to put disabled people at the heart of recovery planning and to fully engage disabled people in the shaping of the government’s Disability Strategy.

Lynne Turnbull, CEO of Disability Positive said:
“Throughout the crisis, DR UK together with Disability Positive and other disabled people led organisations have been drawing the serious issues facing disabled people to the attention of government. In this letter to the Prime Minister, the group sets out the devastating impact of the crisis on disabled people and call for disabled people to be at the heart of recovery planning.”

The letter can be downloaded here (pdf)

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