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Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

Our Office Number: 01606 331 853

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Becoming a Personal Assistant

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By Lindsey Walton-Hardy, Head of Services

Lots of our members and customers employ a personal assistant, to support them to live independently.  But do you know what a personal assistant does?

What is a personal assistant?

Personal assistants (or PAs) support a person in their own homes as well as out in the community, helping them to live as independently as possible. The role may also include:

  • Supporting a person with social activities.
  • Helping with personal care.
  • Doing practical tasks around the home
  • Arranging and going with a person appointments

What makes a good Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistants come from all kinds of backgrounds, and you only need to bring your personality to the role, there is training for everything else.
Becoming a Personal Assistant could be a great choice for you if you are:

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Have good communications skills

You will get all the training you need to support the person, as well as a good hourly pay rate, access to carer discount scheme and statutory holiday allowance.


If you think you can make a positive difference in someone’s life, you can find a role as a Personal Assistant in your area by registering for free on

If you need any help, please contact us by email at

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